Kingdom of the Outlands COVID policy 8/24/2022


 Published: 24 August 2022


At this time, the Kingdom of the Outlands is dropping the implementation of the Society for Creative Anachronism’s COVID safe policy.  

In its stead we are strongly encouraging groups to implement indoor masking to help protect members.  Additionally, we would encourage members to test before and after gatherings, and to stay home if they do not feel well.

If there are any questions, please write

Christine Woyade

Kingdom Seneschal Outlands

Unto the Kingdom of the Outlands do We, Jaxarticus and Anna, send greetings. It is with hope and for understanding we send this message.

With the update to the Covid Policy it was our recommendation that Outlands restrictions be lifted. It is up to the federal, state, and county guidelines, along with the CDC and WHO, to determine what activities are safe to resume under the current conditions in that area. We are not an actual governing body but a historical recreation group. Every member is responsible for their own safety, and they are the ultimate regulator for their own defense.
We highly recommend using tried and true methods to stop the spread of the virus, such as; Hand sanitizer, temperature checks, regular washing of hands, social distancing, masking and quarantine when necessary.
Each group should follow the local guidelines set forth in their area and we should all work together to be safe. Most importantly, If you are sick, Stay Home. Flu, Covid, or otherwise. It’s the ultimate safety net. You may be missed but it’s better for everyone in the long run.
We understand these are new times for all of us with difficult choices. Please be kind and courteous to others in the choices they make.
Let’s keep working together to build a better SCA for everyone.

Acta Non Verba

Jaxarticus Rex
and Anna Regina