In the earlier days of the SCA, a no theme event was often just a Revel.  Often held is a members private residence and yard.  Entertainment could be a ”Paper Quest”. A list of items to be found in the residence.  Finger foods with bring your own beverage.  Sometimes with an auction of the item from a pervious reveal left as lost, funds, if raised to the shire exchequer.  Normally only after the items were offer to the attendances, who had forgot they had not lost anything. If yard is adequate pick up fighting would happen.  Maybe games like horseshoes croquet, darts, and blind mans bluff would be played.     

  • rebellare reveler revel
  • to rebel to raise to rebellion old middle English


noun: revel; plural noun: revels

  1. lively and noisy enjoyment, especially with good food, drink and dancing.

Similar: Celebration      festivity      jollification        merrymaking     carousal

If you have an idea for and would host (medieval Autocrat) a revel, please bring it up at Shire Time.