11 September 2022, Update

A little late…got busy. Thanks all that came for the great armor excavation and inventory. We know what needs repaired and replaced. Mlodn is rocking the bag repairs and Ottarr has all loaner that does not need repairs. Will start on that later this week. Thanks all. Mav


Shire loaner armour refurbish night

Mavrikii’s shop

Sir Mavrikii invited you

With the shire starting to have in person events again, and after discussion at populace, we are going to have a loaner armour repair night. Much of the armour could use a good going through to see if padding needs replaced, straps repaired, shield edging repaired missing bits replaced etc.

Of course people are welcome to bring their own if it needs repairs as well.

If in need of directions and RSVP, please DM Mavrikii or Kaleriia

Please rsvp if you are coming so we can insure space and chairs in the shop.