SCA COVIDSafe Policy

SEPTEMBER 27, 2021 

(Updated December 28, 2021)

[Note: This revision of the SCA COVIDSafe Policy (pertaining to vaccine/testing requirements for children aged 5-12) shall become effective on February 1, 2022. Due to differences between the US and Canada in the way vaccines for this age group are being handled, the policy will take effect in Canada on March 1, 2022.]

The SCA Board of Directors aims to balance getting Society participants back to doing the things we love with measures that support Kingdoms in protecting all that people have worked so hard for. Our COVIDSafe Resolutions provide a flexible, risk based framework that allows Kingdoms in the United States and Canada to put in place a core set of requirements that event organisers and individuals must adhere to, based on their current environment and public health directions and advice.

As more information becomes available, the Board reviews and updates its resolutions where necessary in line with its responsibility to act diligently, with due care and in good faith. This is never more important than with issues related to the health and safety of our participants.

In line with this approach, based on changing circumstances and updated expert advice, on September 25, 2021, the Board has resolved the following:

Proof of Fully Vaccinated Status or Negative COVID Test

In addition to the existing policy allowing Kingdoms to establish a mask policy, Kingdom Seneschals in consultation with the Crown shall have the discretion to implement the following policy requiring proof of COVID vaccination or a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of an event start time from all event attendees:

Events are any activities defined in Corpora II.A, “Society Events Defined”

Proof of being fully vaccinated must be in the form of a government issued card (original or photograph) or an electronic record.

Proof of negative COVID test must be issued from a licensed medical provider and presented in such paper form or electronic form that the event staff can verify its authenticity. Letterhead from a medical provider or an email address clearly identifying the medical provider as the sender of an electronic record shall constitute authentic proof.

(UPDATED 29 NOVEMBER 2021) All persons over the age of 18 must present government issued photo identification or a current SCA membership card along with the proof of being fully vaccinated or a negative COVID test. Parents and guardians of minors must present their own identification along with proof of being fully vaccinated or a negative COVID test for all minors attending an event in their care.

(UPDATED 28 DECEMBER 2021) Proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test shall not be required for children who are ineligible by virtue of their age. In addition to the normal sanctions process, anyone challenging event staff regarding the enforcement of this COVID policy shall be denied entry to or be immediately removed from the event.

(UPDATED 25 OCTOBER 2021) The Kingdom must check for proof of being fully vaccinated or a negative COVID test at an event. The event organizer may designate multiple people to perform the vaccination/negative COVID test check where each person performing the check is responsible for all people whose last name begins within a specified subset of the alphabet (for example, one person for A-H, one person for I-M, etc.)

The event organizer, or their designee, shall maintain a list of names and times of the person(s) conducting the check at the entrance. A separate list shall be maintained for each alphabet group. Once the entrance is closed at the event, said person(s) will sign a statement at the bottom of the list of names and times, which reads:

““I have monitored the event entrance at the times noted above, and I have verified that each person required to present proof under governing SCA policy with last names _ through _ , entering the event during that time to have shown me proper identification, along with either proof of being fully vaccinated or a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of the start of the event.”

The event organizer, or their designee, shall forward the signed statement(s) to the Kingdom Seneschal, or their designee, who shall maintain such records in accordance with the standards for retention of waivers.

Kingdom Seneschals shall notify the Society Seneschal where local, state, provincial, or national law supersedes this policy.

This policy shall not apply to Lochac and Drachenwald.